About Task Tracker

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Task Tracker is a free to use* and open source project management tool that minimizes overhead and maximizes productivity and accountability.

View Calendar

View tasks for multiple projects.

  • Directly add new Tasks and instantly create groups of tasks from project-specific Templates.
  • Filter tasks by project, completion status, and tasks assigned to you.
  • Tasks are grouped by Tags.

Create Tasks

Keep track of what you need to accomplish.

  • Add Tags to tasks for easier reporting and searching.
  • Assign tasks to collaborators.
  • Post Comments on tasks that get emailed to collaborators.

Create Projects

Share your projects with collaborators.

  • Invite Editors that can participate on your projects.
  • Invite Viewers that can see project updates and comment on tasks.
  • Create project specific Tags to easily find and get statistics on tasks.
  • Create Templates for common series of tasks and assign tasks to collaborators.